Monday, March 22, 2010

Hi there everyone!

So, as it happens I am headed to Panama for 2 years of Peace Corps service. I decided that instead of spamming you all with sarcastic anecdotes and long winded monologues of adventures I think are hilarious but most people probably don't, I'll do a blog. That way you can all ignore me as much as you want and I can still feel like I have friends! Win win.

My e-mail access for the next few years will be sporadic at best, so I don't know how often I'll update this baby, but I'll do my best so just give the old girl a visit every now and again.

Here's what I know:
I am leaving April 20 for Washington, DC for one day of staging, and then on to Panama City on April 21. You might be interested to know that Henry Morgan and his band of ruthless corsairs sacked Panama City in 1671. Captain Morgan, as it turns out, had a pretty nice mustache. We will be in training a few hours outside of Panama City for three months, and then into the jungles to become a volunteer in Sustainable Agriculture Systems.

Until the swearing-in on July 1, you can write to me at:

Molly McCumber
Cuerpo de Paz/Panamá
Edificio 104, 1er Piso
Avenida Vicente Bonilla
Ciudad del Saber, Clayton
Corregimiento de Ancon
Panamá, República de Panamá

Panamá is the name of the Province as well as the country, so that's why it's listed twice. Make sure you write República de Panamá and not just Panamá or they might not deliver it. And if you send a post card, put it in an envelope or it might end up on the walls of the post-office. Although I'm sure the postal workers of Panama would find them delightful. But please write, I would love to hear from you, and I will try my best to write back the good old fashioned way as often as I can which will probably be considerably more often than I can e-mail. And hands down more exciting.

Peace out, cub scouts. I'll catch you in a few years.

Love, Molly

P.S. Do you find it amusing that they told me to pack a wide-brimmed hat?